Scenario trainings and crisis trainings

Simulation game - A scenario (result of a risk analysis), individually adapted to the company, is developed into a business game

Target-oriented working and communication under stress - trained in a business game - successful in action

Simulation of a crisis as prevention - creates expertise and awareness for the case of emergency

„Mit dem gemeinsam mit BC Consulting durchgeführten Krisenmanagement Szenario-Trainings schafft die Salzburg AG die Voraussetzungen, um den Unternehmenszielen Umwelt, Wirtschaftlichkeit, Sicherheit und Corporate Governance bei der Bewältigung von Notfällen und Krisen Rechnung zu tragen.”

Dr. Gerhard Putz, Salzburg AG
Leiter Sicherheits-, Umwelt-, Qualitätsmanagement


Crisis management cannot be practiced and taught appropriately in the normal day-to-day business of a company. The business game is designed to give emergency managers and crisis teams experience in dealing with emergencies and crises. In addition, the level of training of the crisis management team is checked and conclusions are drawn as to how to optimize the existing crisis management system.


The game control simulates an event with crisis potential and plays deposits in real time for the different departments of crisis management. The moderator takes on different roles (superiors, representatives of authorities, media, representatives of emergency organizations, customers, suppliers, experts, employees, citizens, etc.). The decision-making body (crisis manager, crisis management team) is forced to collect, analyze and evaluate information. Based on this information (deposits) and on the basis of the crisis management guidelines, decisions will have to be made (passing on information, instructions for action, setting countermeasures and event management, communication and reputation management, protection of employees, interaction with internal and external interfaces, etc.) and the implementation of these decisions will have to be monitored.