Modern crisis management must be based on regulatory and BOS standards. Therefore, our software is strictly aligned to the SKKM model

Digitization is also a central topic in crisis management. Only a digitally mapped remote crisis management team with clear rules mapped in software can meet today's challenges

Ensuring audit-proof documentation in a crisis is only possible with defined and trained methods and tools

„Verbund arbeitet seit 2004 mit der BC Consulting im Bereich der laufenden Weiterentwicklung des Notfall– und Krisenmanagementsystems, der Abhaltung von Krisenübungen, der Strukturierung von Krisenplänen und im Bereich Schulungen und Stabstrainings zusammen. Im Jahr 2019 haben wir die von BC Consulting entwickelte Krisenmanagement Software eingeführt. Damit konnte wir das Krisenmanagement vereinfachen, den sich ständig ändernden Rahmenbedingungen und vor allem der Anforderung rasch und wirksam im Falle des Eintritts von Ereignissen reagieren zu müssen Rechnung tragen und im Rahmen der Krisenbewältigung die Erreichung der Schutzziele gewährleisten.”

Dr. Friedrich Vodicka, Verbund AG


With the establishment of the emergency and crisis management system, a system is implemented whose goal is to perform the tasks even under extraordinary circumstances and to maintain the core processes. The organization, competencies, responsibilities, tasks, processes and management procedures for managing emergencies and crises must be defined in corresponding guidelines in order to take into account the company’s objectives.


In addition to the existing organizational form, a temporary organizational form is activated for implementation. It bundles the necessary resources in the event of a crisis, defines additional responsibilities and competencies, and thus enables rapid decisions adapted to the special circumstances. bcCRISIS is based on the governmental crisis and disaster management (SKKM), in particular on the guideline for command and control in disaster relief operations. As a consequence it ensures extensive interoperability with emergency organizations, security and disaster control authorities.

Added Value

  • Interoperability with authorities and emergency organizations
  • Every crisis or emergency management can be mapped
  • Integration of forms and checklists that have been tried and tested over many years
  • Cross-site use
  • Illustration of several crisis teams and emergency teams
  • Continuously updated situation picture and automated situation reports
  • Visualization through the use of map material