Modern risk management must be based on international standards. Therefore, our software is strictly aligned with ISO 31000

The presentation of the comprehensive threat picture in the bcRISK Heatmap is the instrument to ensure the comparability of risks

By comparing existing, planned and possible measures, risk management becomes a control instrument for investment planning

„Das von BC Consulting bei der SEO implementierte Vorgehensmodell ist sehr strukturiert, entspricht der ISO 31000 und wird daher strategisch weiterverfolgt. Das Ziel ist mit der Software bcRISK auch das Projektrisikomanagement und die Risiken der Gesellschaften Windparks in das Gruppenrisikomanagement zu übernehmen. Die optimierten Matrizen, Diagramme und Reports stellen eine ideale Basis für die Risikosteuerung dar.”

Paul Zeimet, Société Électrique de l’Our (SEO)


It is necessary to embed risk management in a company-wide BCM or security management system to support decision-makers in dealing with risks and measures in compliance with the law in order to implement a manageable system for the ongoing monitoring, review and management of risks. The system can be used to prioritize and support decision-making for preventive investments in security.


Based on a scenario oriented process model and optimized ISO31000 methods, bcRISK provides the basis for efficient emergency planning, priority setting and the use of resources (e.g. for risk minimizing measures). These are essential precautionary measures and constitute the preventive component of BCM.

Added Value

  • All Hazard Approach ➔ Overall Risk View
  • Integrated Risk Management Process
  • Fast results for every risk
  • Location reference via GIS ➔ Map functionality
  • Criteria catalog including reference events
  • Comprehensive tools for reporting, documentation, control, monitoring and risk communication
  • Low training effort and familiarization time