We live in the age of information processing. With bcNAVIGATOR your Business Continuity Management is digitalized sustainably

Software solutions and trainings are optimally coordinated with each other and with your company in order to implement your BCM strategy optimally

The bcNAVIGATOR offers a comprehensive software suite for all requirements of a modern BCM system

„The need for an audited and tested BCM goes beyond legal requirements. The existence of a BCM has become a mandatory requirement to participate in most large international tenders. These organizations want to be assured of the capacity of their partner to continue their activities in the event of a crisis. That’s why we trust in BC Consulting consultancy and software solutions.”

Nadine Burcher-Grainville, UNIQA Global Care SA (Genf)


Systematic recording of the hazard landscape, evaluation of scenarios, development and provision of easy-to-use emergency plans for relevant scenarios, coordination with authorities and emergency response organizations, provision of resources, scenario-oriented crisis management training and exercises, and ensuring command and control capability in emergency and crisis situations all help to minimize damage in the event of an incident and facilitate a return to normal conditions.


bcNAVIGATOR is a modular Business Continuity Management System. It supports your organization in the phases

  • Prevention
  • Preparation
  • Reaction
  • Recovery

Added Value

The requirements of global companies necessitate the use of a company-wide, uniform BCM system. Accordingly, bcNAVIGATOR is highly configurable and adaptable to the business requirements. The integration of clients and multilingual capability is part of the basic functionality. The alignment of bcNAVIGATOR strictly follows the international BCM standard ISO 22301 and thus guarantees an integrated BCM compliance.