Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis

This product provides the capability for an organisation to run business impact analysis (BIA) based on integrated bcPLAN – data.

The objective of the bcIMPACT is the validation of the resources maintained in bcPLAN, and which are necessary for the continuation of business-critical processes as well as the verification of the recovery time objective (RTO).

Development of the BIA proceeds as follows:

  • Selection of processes and organisational units
  • Impact analysis (maximum possible loss)
  • Determination of restart parameters
  • Determining dependencies
  • The identification of the critical factors within processes
  • The available resources for both normal and emergency operations
  • The calculation of critical resource constraints and the recovery times for those resources

BIA Interviews:

BIA interview stylesheets are generated individually from EMX bcBIA BIA and are used as a conversation guide for the interviews with the process owners. Data is collected and matched with the bcPLAN -database.

Subsequently, an automated fit/gap analysis is performed;

  • New processes and critical resources
  • Changed processes and critical resources
  • Verified processes and critical resources