Scenario based Crisis training and simulation

Module scenario training and crisis exercises

Simulation game – A scenario, which is tailored individually to the company (result of a risk analysis), is developed into a simulation game.

In day-to-day business, crisis management cannot be practiced and taught properly. The simulation is intended to give emergency services and crisis teams experience in dealing with emergencies and crises. The training level of the crisis team will be reviewed and conclusions drawn on optimization possibilities of the existing crisis management system.

The game management simulates an event with potential for crisis and deposits in real time for the various specialist areas of crisis management. In the process, moderation takes over various roles (supervisors, representatives of authorities, media, representatives of service organizations, customers, suppliers, experts, employees, citizens, etc.). The decision-making body (crisis manager, crisis staff) is forced to collect, analyze and evaluate information. Based on this information (deposits) and on the basis of the crisis management guidelines, decisions will have to be made (disclosure of information, instructions, setting countermeasures and event management, communication and reputation management, protection of employees, interaction with internal and external interfaces, etc.) and the implementation of this track.