Leading and Deciding in a Crisis Situation

Module Leading and Deciding in Crisis Situations (Staff Work)

In crisis situations, it is necessary to make quick, effective, and appropriate decisions to ensure the achievement of protection objectives. In the module the most important basics are taught in a scenario orientated way.

  • Leading and deciding in emergencies and crisis situations, – situation, order, assessment, decision, implementation planning, realization, control
  • Practical documentation and revision-proof logging of damage events and management processes (use of checklists)
  • Staff work practical, use of simple control and control instruments
  • Creation of a situation picture – visualization techniques
  • Creation and holding of lectures in the context of a management procedure
  • Leadership practice in crises based on case studies
  • Practice Application of Leadership Principles in Crisis Situations
  • Staff functions / tasks – instruments
  • Decision training Methods for solving simple and complex problems (factor analysis, decision analysis, utility analysis, determination with justification)
  • Critical Incident Stress Management