Business Continuity Management Basics

Module basic training on emergency and crisis management

Organizational structure and process organization are regulated in a directive by the ministry of the interior. In order to facilitate communication between disaster control authorities and operations management it is advisable that the organization follows the official model.

In this module we teach the following content with a practical orientation:

  • Awareness
  • Governance and protection objectives
  • Terms and definitions
  • Roles, competences, areas of responsibility concerning crisis and catastrophe management
  • Industry-specific conception of crisis management by means of examples
  • Activation, organizational structure
  • Basics of staff work
  • Infrastructural requirements
  • Usage of checklists
  • Tamper-proof documentation of crisis staff work

Legally watertight action gained in importance. Various legal requirements make it even more difficult to take decisions in crisis situations. In addition, uncertainties concerning responsibilities unsettle both parties.

  • Standards and norms
  • General legal foundations
  • Governmental crisis management organization structure and process organization