Crisis Communication

Module Crisis Communication

The high speed of media coverage and so-called new media are posing major challenges for companies and organizations involved in national crisis and disaster management. Medial management of a disaster or crisis has already become an indispensable component of successful crisis and disaster management. In particular, public reputation also depends on the quality of external communication. Taking into account the possibilities of the area of ​​social media, rapid and smooth internal and external communication is essential in the event of a crisis. Employees with customer contact (for example, information centers, service points) must be instructed. If necessary, a hotline should be set up. The entire media environment, including social media, must be observed. It will be necessary to distribute tasks to several people in case of crisis. (e.g., internal external communication, administrative support)

  • Fundamentals of crisis communication tailored to emergencies and crises
  • Success factors and cardinal errors
  • Use of checklists
  • Case Study Crisis Communication – Practical Examples