Risk Management

Risk Management

Within the security and risk management areas, risks can be identified, and assessed using bcRISK.  The assessed risks, as well as any measures necessary to mitigate, are associated with “risk owners”.

Risks may be categorised and graphical reports created directly from the product, based on templates.

Risk assessment evaluations are necessary for the formal identification and assessment of risks. Adjustments may be made by means of metrics and parameters arising from the risk characterisation. Similarly, fine tuning of the evaluation may be made using risk portfolios, structure charts, and the graphical representation of potential damage.

Risk Identification

  • Scenario analysis
  • All Hazards Approach

Risk Evaluation

  • Probability determination
  • Aggregate impact regarding potential damage

Risk Mitigation

  • Mitigation in probability
  • Engineer of potential impact
  • Scenario-based reports and the generation of risk manuals are also provided