Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

The complexity and the time-critical nature of continuity plans are crucial for business continuity management. Regular reviews and process updates are essential for previously-developed documents and plans. These requirements are implemented within the bcPLAN -module.

bcPLAN supports the multi-dimensional information model as the solution for your company-wide BCM

  • Usage of the BIA results
  • Integrated calculation of recovery plans
  • Automated data transfer from your leading data systems
  • Automatic update and change service
  • Integrated test management

Scenario oriented calculation of the effects of disaster or incident scenarios automatically.  By selecting the failing resource(s) for the scenario, and the continuity plan run, the impact on the organisation is defined automatically. The automated calculation, based on actual data, helps to ensure that continuity plans are always kept up to date.

All continuity plans are maintained with the associated measures and defined timeframes to recover. The measures are maintained in a text management system to guarantee secure and efficient usage.

bcPLAN validates the measures defined for each emergency or disaster situation. The plan has to be conducted in real time. Differences to plan and successfully completed stages are reported. The simulation can be used against each failing resource within the organisation.